• Apposit is the chief technical partner for Pagatech Holdings Ltd. in the implementation of Nigeria’s leading mobile payment systems ­ Paga. Paga is a consumer finance business whose mission is to transform livesRead More
  • Apposit was contracted by the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX) to develop Ethiopia’s first market data dissemination system using multiple communication channels such as short message services (SMS), interactive voice response (IVR), fax
  • Apposit implemented an innovative voucher program for MSIE aimed at increasing use of reproductive health and family planning services among marginalized groups in Ethiopia. Community Health Workers (CHW) use smart phones toRead More
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Apposit was contracted by the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX) to develop Ethiopia’s first market data dissemination system using multiple communication channels such as short message services (SMS), interactive voice response (IVR), fax and email. The services and data provided through this platform include, but are not limited to, real time market price information, tracking of Good Receipts Notices and Warehouse Receipts and access to alerts and notifications. The platform currently provides millions of users to access market data information simply and independently using their mobile telephones each month.

Apposit implemented an innovative voucher program for MSIE aimed at increasing use of reproductive health and family planning services among marginalized groups in Ethiopia. Community Health Workers (CHW) use smart phones to collect demographic information and issue electronic vouchers to beneficiaries through door to door visits. The vouchers are redeemable at clinics where clinic staff use SMS to validate the vouchers and record the services redeemed by the clients. Using transaction data generated through SMS, the system manages financial records of settlements due to the service providers as well as incentives paid to CHWs. A call center referral system is also being developed currently to scale up the voucher system.

ABT Associates is implementing the Private Health Sector Program (PHSP), a five year project funded by the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and USAID. Apposit implemented CIPO (Communications for Improving PMTCT Outcomes) with the objective to develop a patient tracking communications system that will ensure HIV positive pregnant women are followed for pre­ and post­natal care and provided with the necessary HIV care and treatment services. This system supports an SMS communication platform at the private health facilities that is used to establish efficient communication with health extension professionals (including their supervisors) and staff at referral sites.


TechnoServe's Coffee Initiative is financed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and supports coffee cooperatives in East Africa in helping them expand and improve their businesses. In Ethiopia alone it works with over 70 cooperatives. Apposit provides a hosted Monitoring and Evaluation system that allows field agents to report daily on cherry volumes and weekly on more detailed reports by submitting reports via SMS and IVR. The system is designed to ensure data quality by providing complex validation of data and sending out reminders if data is not submitted.

BGI is the leading brewery in Ethiopia with thousands of sales outlets all over the country. Apposit worked with BGI to develop a Sales Outlet Management platform using its Connect product that allows its Promoters, who visit sales outlets daily, to record and submit all sales and service follow up data electronically. This paperless data collection is aggregated automatically, and provides real time insight and actionable analysis to management and operational departments.

Tearfund is a UK based Christian relief and development agency which works in over 50 countries. In Ethiopia, Tearfund runs an innovative savings program that organizes Self Help Groups of 15-20 people, usually chosen from the poorest sectors of the community. There are currently over 12,000 such groups impacting over 1 million people. Tearfund is using Apposit’s Connect platform to provide a tool for facilitators to collect information on all SHGs and their members paperlessly from the field.


The Integrated Budget and Expenditure System (IBEX) is an integrated financial management information system (IFMIS) addressing the core functions of public financial management with the flexibility to include other non­core functions. It is a custom built solution using industry standard products and open source frameworks that has been developed to support public financial management reforms in Ethiopia.

Apposit is providing a hosted, SMS based solution to help ACIPH and Tulane University track the morbidity of malaria among over 150 health facilities in Ethiopia. The solution allows health extension workers in health facilities to use SMS to send in weekly reports. This data is used to produce close to real time reports to decision makers through an online management portal, and to alert stakeholders of any deviation from threshold values. The system provides data validation as well as reminders to health extension workers to submit reports on time.

DKT Ethiopia, a nonprofit organization which designs and implements social marketing programs, contracted Apposit to build a customized Connect platform for use by the many sales agents operating across the country. Using SMS-enabled phones, sales agents record their daily sales information by product and amount and send it to the central server. The sales tracking information is automatically aggregated and made available for decision makers in real-time through a web portal.


Apposit implemented its Integrated Human Resource and Payroll Management system for the Ethiopian Postal Service (EPS) including the main head office and all its regional branches. The solution is an enterprise scale, distributed, browser-based application. In addition to the core services of human resource management and payroll, the solution manages the employee and payroll records of thousands of employees.

Apposit was contracted by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology to develop a platform for providing government services using SMS. These services are intended to allow citizens to interact with public institutions and receive services through their mobile devices. Apposit implemented this platform using its MMP product in order to deliver a flexible and extensible platform that can easily accommodate additional services as they become available.

Apposit developed and implemented Zemen Banks' internet banking in collaboration with Offshoring Technology Services 2.0 Plc. The Internet banking solution is a browser based application that is integrated with the bank’s core banking solution to provide customers 24-hour access to their account information and banking services. The system is built using world class service oriented architecture (SOA) and security.

Apposit designed, developed and implemented a multi­site patient database for advanced clinical monitoring (ACM) of antiretroviral treatment (ART) of HIV/AIDS patients in Ethiopia. This system is used to consolidate ACM study patient’s data collected from seven Ethiopian university hospitals and provides data analysis, extraction and reporting tools. In addition, the system is used to manage ACM patient’s laboratory specimen storage, request for specimen analysis and collection of laboratory test results on test performed on each patient’s specimen.

Apposit delivered a HRMS system for Zemen Bank in Ethiopia. This HRMS system is a web based integrated application based on the latest open source frameworks. It provides a human resource directory, managed payroll information, manages employee benefits, and produces various management reports and integrates with the rest of the bank’s core systems. Apposit was responsible for defining the user requirements, developing the system and implementing on site for the client.

As part of its efforts to give back to its community, Apposit worked with the Addis Ababa University ICT Development Office on a voluntary basis to redesign and implement a new data center. This work was initiated to solve many of the basic infrastructural problems the university was facing such as mail server outage, bandwidth limitations and backup and recovery services. The redesign included the review and assessment of the existing data center infrastructure, and the development of an improved component selection and configuration.

Apposit is the local partner for the East Africa region of BlankPage Inc. (formerly Eduvision AG). As part of this partnership, Apposit was integrally involved in the piloting of the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project in 4 public, primary schools in Ethiopia. Apposit worked on the localization and implementation of BlankPage’s innovative flagship e-learning product called Akilibooks, as well as the digitization of all primary school content in 4 Ethiopian languages.