Software Development

Software underlies everything that we do at Apposit. We excel at designing, building, implementing and supporting enterprise software systems.


Our Software Consultancy practice engages in long term, strategic, business partnerships in which we complement impactful business ideas with our software engineering products and services.

software-1Our software development is headed by system architects of exceptional ability and experience. This is where good software begins and ends

software-2We’ve been building successful large scale, systems across many sectors in both developed and developing countries for many years

software-3Rigorous process and tools allow us to successfully deliver, manage and support projects of any size

software-4We leverage mature frameworks and products that we’ve built over the past 10 years to deliver high quality software faster, better and cheaper than most.

  • Apposit is the chief technical partner for Pagatech Holdings Ltd. in the implementation of Nigeria’s leading mobile payment systems ­ Paga. Paga is a consumer finance business whose mission is to transform livesRead More
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